The Causes Of Mouth Breathing And How To Correct It [Video]

Today we’re talking about mouth breathing as it relates to orthodontic problems. When I evaluate my new patients be they children or be they adults, I’m always looking for a consideration of mouth breathing, because I’ve discovered that many orthodontic problems are associated with mouth breathing posture.

As a review…upper teeth are only supported by the lower teeth in a proper muscular pattern that includes nasal breathing, so if mouth breathing is the usual posture, and the teeth are separated during all activities that include breathing and, watching TV, studying, and just being in the environment, than the upper teeth slowly begin to collapsed inward, while the lower teeth are held in a more broad relationship.

Because the tongue is postured below and alongside the inside of the lower teeth so opened bites; lower jaw being setback in the facial profile; a long facial profile; a lip apart posture during both daytime, and sleep time.

Many dental and facial results are associated with the mouth breathing. It is very very important to evaluate that, and to correct obligatory mouth breathing posturer in order to obtain ultimately a stable orthodontic result.

I therefore routinely refer my patients if I feel that mouth breathing, or airway obstruction is a consideration, so that this can be managed during the orthodontic treatment

This video and article are for educational purpose only, and it is based on 30+ years of clinical orthodontic experience.

Written And Produced by +Dick Dykman

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