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  • Different Types Of Braces

    The continuing advances in dental care have made different types of braces available for different types of dental needs. Of course, most people may already be familiar with what is known as regular braces made of stainless steel. Many people still use this kind because they are the least expensive of all kinds.

    There are also those that use a combination of stainless steel and nickel titanium. Some users may prefer these since they are less likely to leave stains on the teeth. Gold plated stainless steel designs may also help with the staining issue and people who are allergic to nickel can also use these.

    Furthermore, some people prefer the gold plated design because they find them more attractive if they like the look of gold rather than silver. The gold plated design also bonds well with the teeth, so they make a practical as well as aesthetic choice.

    Braces made of ceramic rather than metal also tend to be popular. They may be especially so among teens because they are clear and not as noticeable. However, there is a chance of breakage, so manufacturers make them thicker in order to make them stronger.

    It is up to an individual to determine how comfortable these braces are since they may end up taking up more space in the mouth than conventional metal designs. This is also true for those who are worried about the visual impact of their braces. There are other types of braces such as lingual braces that fit behind the teeth rather than in front so they are not seen.

    However, you need to consider that lingual braces tend to be a little more expensive than other kinds. Also, these may not be as comfortable. They can get in the way of tongue movements and can even affect the speech pattern, making them noticeable in other ways.

    Of course, most people would prefer invisible braces like Invisalign. This brand is usually best for those who only have small dental issues such as gaps, crooked teeth or other small problems that prevent the teeth from growing straight. Furthermore, they are they customized to fit the individual.

    This brand also tends to be easy to maintain since the wearer can easily remove them when performing dental hygiene duties and eating. These braces require no wires and actually fit over the teeth in order to move them properly into place.

    We use the Damon System of Braces, which has worked very well for our patients.

    Written By Dick Dykman