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  • Expansion Of The Palate – Widening Of The Teeth [Video]

    Today we’re talking about expansion of the palate, or a widening of the teeth which is now accepted by a lot of parents as being a reasonable way of achieving more space for the teeth

    Orthodontists look at doing the expansion of the upper palate and upper jaw structure earlier in the developmental stage because the bone of the upper jaw is much more amenable to expansion during that time, however even with adults, we can get a dental expansion of the teeth by basically tipping the teeth into a wider position.

    The concept of using a palatal expander in expanding the upper jaw when it is severely contracted, and where the upper bone that supports the teases way to narrow sometimes requires much more involvement with an oral surgeon but again visiting your oral your orthodontist for an evaluation of aid very narrow dental our relationship will give you an opportunity to evaluate the benefit of expansion of the upper jaw and the upper teeth.

    This video and article are for educational purpose only, and it is based on 30+ years of clinical orthodontic experience.

    Written And Produced by +Dick Dykman