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  • If You Have Braces Don’t Eat These Foods

    If You Have Braces Don’t Eat These Foods

    having-braces-and-eating-candyNow that you’ve gotten a mouth full of metal, you are probably wondering what foods you can eat and which you will have to skip. While braces generally don’t interfere with normal eating, there are some foods that cause more problems than others. Some foods can damage your braces and cause you extra headache. Knowing what foods you can enjoy is essential to maintaining your braces.


    Fruit, in general, is not a problem when you have braces. Hard fruit like crunchy apples, unripe peaches and pears can cause problems with your braces. These fruits have been known to bend your wires and brackets, so avoid them if you can. If you want to enjoy hard fruits, cut them into small pieces to reduce the pressure on your dental work.


    Cooked vegetables are a safe bet for brace-wearers. Raw vegetables like carrots, cauliflower and celery can pop the brackets from the surface of your tooth. Avoid raw vegetables or chew them carefully with your back teeth.

    Corn on the cob is often on the list of forbidden foods for brace-wearers. Corn requires heavy biting, which puts pressure on the braces. This can knock your wires out of alignment, causing you to have to wear your braces longer. Remove the corn from the cob if you want to enjoy it while you have braces.

    Candy and Gum

    Candy can wreak havoc on your orthodontic work. Sticky candy can pull your wires out of your brackets, causing you extreme pain and a trip back to the dentist. The sugars from candy can get lodged under your brackets in a spot where they can’t be brushed away. This can cause tooth decay and cavities. If you do indulge in candy, make sure to brush afterward.

    Gum is a nightmare if you are wearing braces. Gum will rip, pull and tear your brackets and wires from your mouth. There really is no easy way to chew gum when you are wearing braces, so most dental professionals advise that you avoid it at all costs.

    Seeds and Nuts

    Most orthodontists will advise you to avoid nuts and seeds while wearing your braces. Seeds can easily get trapped under your wires and cause you pain and discomfort. Crunchy nuts can pop your bands or rip the wire from the bracket.

    Many people ask “what can I eat with braces?” The short answer to that question is anything that doesn’t destroy them. Take care of your teeth and avoid foods that interfere with your dental work.

    Written By Dick Dykman