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  • Improve Your Smile And Be Happy

    Improve Your Smile And Be Happy

    Straight TeethHave you ever heard the phrase “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”? The benefits of smiling actually go a lot farther than improving your mood and broadcasting your happiness to the world, however. Especially if you’re considering braces for your child, you’re thinking about making a commitment that could lead them on the journey to a beautiful and healthy smile for life.

    Socially Popularity

    Research has also linked a stunning smile to people’s affect on others. Those who smile more often have an overall better mood and project those positive feelings to those around them. This in turn can brighten the spirits of numerous people and turn negative energy in a workplace or group setting into positive energy.

    Smiling Reduces Stress

    Smiling also improves the stress relief of the person smiling, too! Research has linked smiling to a reduction in overall anxiety problems, connecting an ability to slow down, regulate breathing, and smile to a better outlook and better stress management.

    The act of smiling can even release endorphins and serotonin as natural pain relievers and reduce blood pressure. It’s surprising that there are so many health links for a set of straight teeth, but investing in braces is a very important decision that can set your child up for future success.

    Better Moods

    Smiling is one of the few natural ways to lift a mood immediately, and when we’re around someone who is already smiling, it’s an instant reaction to do it ourselves. People enjoy being around happy people, and gravitate towards those who have a happy disposition, so a healthy smile can help children gain more friends, tackle presentations in class, or try something new.

    Those children who don’t have straight teeth are incredibly conscious of this fact and often hide their teeth , refusing to smile. The image this projects to friends, teachers, and other adults can even be mistaken as depression.

    Improves Confidence

    Smiling projects confidence and comfort. Whether it’s a child trying out for their first basketball team or an adult entering a job interview, a smile sets the tone for the room and can lead other people to smile as well.

    Those who feel that their smile is straight and beautiful are more likely to smile more, giving all the more reason to start investigating braces for your child. Children with teeth that are misaligned, poorly spaced, and improper bites have been linked in research to lower self-esteem, less ability to relate to others, and less willingness to get involved in group projects. The impacts of having a less than stunning smile do indeed reach far into a child’s future.

    Written And Produced by +Dick Dykman