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  • Understanding the Cost of Invisalign and Braces – No Hidden Fees!

    Understanding the Cost of Invisalign and Braces – No Hidden Fees!

    At Bullmoose Orthodontics, your Chandler Orthodontist, we understand that it can be difficult to comprehend the full treatment cost of Invisalign or Damon Braces. Since every person’s treatment plan is unique, the price for orthodontic treatment can vary depending on the types of appliances that are used, the length of treatment, and the procedures that may need to be performed.

    In this video, Dr. O explains how Bullmoose Orthodontics has the procedures and policies in place to help our patients better understand what their final cost of treatment will be with Invisalign or braces.

    Invisalign Cost in Chandler AZ

    What is a staged contract?

    invisalign costA staged contract breaks the cost of braces or Invisalign down into different phases.

    Rather then having an all inclusive braces or Invisalign cost which covers all appointments and appliances, these open ended contracts can be vague and confusing. As a result, these type of treatment agreements can end up costing the patient thousands of dollars more than what they were initially quoted during their consultation.

    An orthodontic staged contract can include additional hidden fees for:

    • X-rays and dental records
    • Appliances and appointments
    • Bonding and removal of braces

    Braces and Invisalign with no hidden fees in Chandler AZ

    At Bullmoose Orthodontics we do not believe in staged contracts with hidden fees and additional costs. We provide our patients with lump sum contracts that include all aspects of treatment from start to finish. No surprises.

    We always want our patients to know how much their full treatment costs right up front. We offer a variety of payment plans for Invisalign and braces to comfortably fit any budget. Our contacts are designed with our patients needs in mind, so even if your treatment exceeds the estimated treatment time, there is never an extra cost.

    If you or a loved one would like to visit an orthodontist in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Pheonix, or surrounding areas of Maricopa County, please contact us today to request a complimentary consultation for Invisalign or braces. Call now! (480) 782-1200.