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  • Misalignment of The Teeth [Video]

    Today, we’re talking about tooth and teeth misalignment. There are many reasons why teeth appear to be misaligned and one of the first and obvious ones is that the teeth may have started development that is on a genetic basis with a misalignment.

    The parent needs to decide is the misalignment severe enough to warrant doing early treatment or is it a misalignment that can wait until all the permanent teeth are complete. The best way to make that determination is to go to visit your orthodontist early on when you are concerned about the upper and lower permanent front teeth appearing with misalignment.

    There are many, many interceptive efforts that can be made in order to protect the space available for the permanent teeth, and it’s very wise to pursue those with an early treatment effort, so that there is sufficient space for all of the permanent teeth to be present.

    Many of those techniques that are available today essentially make it possible to have room for all of the permanent teeth ultimately in the jaw structure.

    This video and article are for educational purpose only, and it is based on 30+ years of clinical orthodontic experience.

    Written And Produced by +Dick Dykman