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  • orthodontist serving Gilbert, AZ

    Orthodontist Serving Gilbert, AZ

    Dr. Dick Dykman and the team at Bullmoose Orthodontics are blessed to be able to serve the residents of Gilbert, AZ when it comes to their orthodontic needs. Having faith in us with your children, or yourself, is a high priority for our team. Dr. Dykman is a expert orthodontist serving Gilbert, AZ.

    Not a far distance to see an expert in orthodontic treatment

    Gilbert, AZ only being around 6 miles or a 12-minute drive. With this convenience, our patients have found it worth the drive to get the best orthodontics service from our staff. Dr. Dykman has over 30 years of orthodontic experience. He has corrected conditions such as crowding, spacing, overbite, underbite, crossbite, alignment, and jaw pain. Sleep apnea is another common issue people see Dr. Dykman. They come from all over the valley to receive the kind of high-level care you want for your child, or yourself.

    We are easy to find in Gilbert, AZ. When you drop your child off, go grab a Starbucks down the street while you wait for them to finish their appointment. Contact us at (480) 782-1200.

    Dr. Dick Dykman is an orthodontist serving Gilbert, AZ. Dr. Dykman, along with his team at Bullmoose Orthodontics, are experts in orthodontic treatment.  If you have any questions pertaining to Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces, and clear braces in Gilbert, AZ, 85142, Chandler, AZ, Mesa, AZ, Tempe, AZ, Queen Creek, AZ, Ahwatukee, AZ, or would like to schedule an complimentary consultation with Dr. Dykman, contact Bullmoose Orthodontics at (480) 782-1200.