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  • Itero® Digital Scanning

    The iTero™ scanner is an intraoral scanner that utilizes digital image making technology to take a virtual impression of the dentition rather than having to use conventional trays and impression material. The scan creates an incredibly accurate 3-D model of the dentition for use in diagnosis, treatment planning and appliance fabrication.

    The scanner effectively eliminates the need for traditional impressions in most instances. As we all know, impressions can sometimes be unpleasant and uncomfortable for patients and is often a source of stress, particularly for orthodontic patients with a strong gag reflex. The iTero™ scanner reduces many of the unpleasantries and inefficiencies associated with traditional impressions and is neater, more comfortable and extremely accurate.


    How Does it Work?

    The iTero™ Scanner creates a digital “map” of the patient’s mouth as a wand is moved over the surfaces of the teeth quadrant by quadrant, collecting a series of extremely high resolution pictures. The software then pieces the quadrant scans together to create a full mouth 3-D view of the arches and occlusion. Dr. Dykman and his team continually strive for excellence by making investments in continuing education and technology to provide your patients the best clinical outcomes and patient experience possible.