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  • What are the Benefits of Damon Braces?

    As an orthodontic professional, I have a variety of treatment options available to use.  My chosen methods must meet the highest standards for effectiveness, design, and maintenance of your oral health.  Damon Braces or Damon Brackets are unique among the orthodontic treatment options that I provide.

    Damon Braces are special in their design.  Invented by Dr. Dwight Damon, this effective orthodontic treatment system features a “sliding-door” mechanism which creates passive tubes attached to each tooth.

    The design reduces friction and binding. This lack of resistance allows lighter wires (less force) to move your teeth.  Traditional braces utilize a plastic or metal tie around each bracket which not only creates friction, but leaves plenty of places for bacteria and plaque to congregate.

    Some of the “clip” style brackets that don’t require the ties still actively pull the wire into the brace or bracket creating friction or binding.  The Damon design, coupled with the lighter wires, minimizes the discomfort traditionally associated with braces. Some of my patients express concern because they feel no discomfort!

    The frictionless sliding door and light wires also work more efficiently than traditional braces. The design of the Damon brackets promotes tooth movement independent of manual wire shape adjustments, so fewer appointments are required and overall treatment times are reduced compared with traditional and active clip brackets.  This means your smile will be straighter sooner!

    The frictionless sliding door also allows the arch to widen without the use of an expansion appliance.  A wider dental arch can accommodate more teeth, meaning fewer patients will require the extraction of permanent teeth to achieve dental alignment. A broader dental arch is more aesthetically pleasing!

    Damon braces are available in clear and metal.  The Damon clear braces are esthetically appealing, so that your orthodontic treatment will not detract from your appearance!

    My thorough diagnosis will determine if you are a candidate for Damon braces.  Once your treatment is underway, you should expect easier hygiene, a more attractive appearance, and time-saving results greater than those typical of other orthodontic treatments.

    This article is for educational purpose only, and it is based on 30+ years of clinical orthodontic experience.

    Written And Produced by +Dick Dykman

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